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The Back Story

Soul Fire Apparel was started with the desire to level-up the apparel industry's soulful vibes. Our apparel is designed by athletic women for athletic women and it's about more than just apparel. Our goal at Soul Fire Apparel is to create a sense of burning energy, empowerment, motivation and inspiration to women all over the world. We know from experience that when we feel good on the outside, it drastically helps to transform and maintain your powerful, positive energy and bright burning soul on the inside. We want to empower you from the outside-in to be the strongest, most fearless, comfortable and free-spirited version of yourself. We want to help each and every one of you to #BurnBrighter every single day of this beautiful life that we've all been given!


Soul Fire Apparel is our physical reminder, every day, to wake up and be the brightest version of yourself possible and to chase after all the adventures and activities you love to do without letting fear get in your way. It's a chain reaction and it starts with YOU. 


We have desperately searched for the perfect mix of fashionable yet functional, ultra-comfortable and high quality for many years now in our adventures and activities. We love strappy, backless, colorful, comfortable, ultra-soft, extra stretchy, soulful vibes and we want you to be a part of our growing vibe tribe. Our goal is to normalize wearing whatever the F you want, when you want and feeling beautiful and comfortable in your own skin. We are all human; we all have this same skin and these same bodies and we should all feel comfortable and beautiful in whatever we want to put on each day. Let it all hang out or don't, but let's just make sure you are burning bright.

Soul Fire



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